Software Testing Life Cycle, (STLC)

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Software Testing Life Cycle, (STLC)

Post  Satyanarayana Polisetty on Fri Mar 28, 2008 8:05 am

The Software Testing Life Cycle, (STLC), is the road map to automation success. It consists of a set of phases that define what testing activities to do and when to do them. It also enables communication and synchronization between the various groups that have input to the overall testing process. In the best of worlds the STLC parallels the Software Development Life Cycle, coordinating activities, thus providing the vehicle for a close working relationship between testing and development departments.

The flow of the cycle may be(Its not a standerd)

1. Requirements stage

2. Test Plan

3. Test Design.

4. Design Reviews

5. Code Reviews

6. Test Cases preparation.

7. Test Execution

8. Test Reports.

9. Bugs Reporting

10. Reworking on patches.

11. Release to production.

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