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WinRunner is an automated functional GUI testing tool that allows a user to record and play back UI interactions as test scripts.WinRunner software is standard, functional testing software for enterprise IT applications. It captures, verifies and replays user interactions automatically, so that we can identify defects and determine that our business processes work as designed.

Winrunner helps to automate the testing process, from test development to execution. We create adaptable and reusable test scripts that challenge the functionality of the application.The software implements a proprietary Test Script Language (TSL) that allows customization and parameterization of user input.

WinRunner testing process involves six main stages
i. Create GUI Map File so that WinRunner can recognize the GUI objects in the application being tested
ii. Create test scripts by recording, programming, or a combination of both. While recording tests, insert checkpoints where you want to check the response of the application being tested.
iii. Debug Test: run tests in Debug mode to make sure they run smoothly
iv. Run Tests: run tests in Verify mode to test your application.
v. View Results: determines the success or failure of the tests.
vi. Report Defects: If a test run fails due to a defect in the application being tested, you can report information about the defect directly from the Test Results window.

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