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Post  Satyanarayana Polisetty on Wed Feb 27, 2008 3:10 am

What is SYNTAFS?

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Post  Charan Kumar on Thu Feb 28, 2008 5:38 am

SYNTAFS stands for Syntel’s Test Automation Framework & Services

SYNTAFS is Syntel’s in-house Frame work developed for automation. It is built using Rational Robot and RARFS (Rational Robot Automation Framework Support). It is supports both data driven and Keyword Driven architecture.

It can handle applications developed on, both web based and client server technologies.

SYNTAFS Execution Methodology:

1) First, Controller Engine(i.e .rec file) will get executed and asks for a list of test plans and then test cases to start execution.
2) SYNTAFS will generate the XML trade file for each test case that is executed.
3) This XML file is stored in a project path with date and time stamp.
4) SYNTAFS will capture the snap shots of the screens and the document will be available in the project folder for each test case that is
5) SYNTAFS follow SAFS record formats
SAFS Engines are designed to process test records from plain text files which we call “test files”. The CSV(Comma Separated Values) can
be used.
A simple step level test record will be like this:

T googlepage googlepage Maximize
T googlepage edbox SETTEXTCHARACTERS Testing
T googlepage GoogleSearch Click

This means, we are instructing the engine to test(“T” in 1st Col and 1st Row) by finding “Window” (googlepage) and in that window, find editbox (edbox) component and the action to be performed is entering text (SETTEXTCHARACTERS) where argument is “Testing”.

Usually this kind of step tables are written in xls sheet.
There are 3 levels of test specification.
1. Cycle Tables: Specifies which test suite to be run?
2. Suite tables: Specifies set of test steps necessary to accomplish the suits task.
3. Step Tables: Step Tables are low level tables, which is the format as shown above

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